Jesus knows you exactly

550 jesus knows her exactly I suppose I know my daughter very well. We spent a lot of time together and we enjoyed that too. When I say to her that I understand her, she answers me: "You do not know me exactly!" Then I tell her that I know her very well because I'm her mother. That made me think: We do not know other people very well - and they do not know us, not in the deepest part. We judge or judge others easily as we know them, but do not even consider that they have grown and changed. We pack people into boxes and seem to know exactly which walls and corners surround them.

We do the same with God. Proximity and familiarity lead to criticism and self-righteousness. Just as we often treat people according to how we judge their actions - in line with our expectations - we also encounter God. We assume that we know how he will answer our prayers, how he treats people and how he thinks. We tend to get our own picture of him, imagine that he is like us. If we do that, we do not know him exactly. We do not know him at all.
Paul says that he only sees fragments of a picture and therefore cannot see the whole picture: «We now see through a mirror in a dark picture; but then face to face. Now I recognize piece by piece; but then I will recognize just as I am recognized (1 Cor. 13,12). These few words say a lot. Firstly, one day we will know him as he already knows us. We don't understand God, and that's certainly a good thing. Could we bear to know everything about him as we are now as humans - with our humble human fortunes? At the moment, God is still incomprehensible to us. And secondly: He knows us to the core, even to that secret place where no one can look. He knows what's going on in us - and why something moves us in our unique way. David speaks of how well God knows him: «I sit or stand up, you know it; you understand my thoughts from afar I walk or lie, so you are around me and see all my ways. For behold, there is not a word on my tongue that you, LORD, do not already know. You surround me from all sides and hold your hand over me. This realization is too wonderful and too high for me, I cannot understand it » (Psalm 139,2: 6). I am sure that we can apply these verses to ourselves. Are you scared? - It shouldn't! God is not like us. We sometimes turn away from people the more we get to know them, but he never does. Everyone wants to be understood, wants to be heard and perceived. I think that's why so many people write something on Facebook or other portals. Everyone has something to say whether someone is listening or not. Anyone who writes something on Facebook makes it easy; because he can present himself as he likes it. But that will never replace face-to-face entertainment. Someone can have a page on the Internet that is accessed very often, but it can still be lonely and sad.

Living in a relationship with God makes us certain that we are heard, perceived, understood and recognized. He is the only one who can see into your heart and knows everything you ever thought. And the wonderful thing is that he still loves you. If the world seems to be cold and impersonal, and you feel lonely and misunderstood, you can draw strength from the certainty that at least one person is there who knows you very well.

by Tammy Tkach