Romans 10,1-15: Good News for All

437 good news for everyonePaul writes in Romans: "Dear brothers and sisters, what I wholeheartedly desire of the Israelites and ask of God for them is that they be saved" (Rom 10,1 NGÜ).

But there was a problem: "For they are not lacking in zeal for God's cause; I can testify. What they lack is the right knowledge. They have not realized what God's righteousness is about, and try to stand before God through their own righteousness. In doing so they reject God's righteousness instead of submitting to it "(Rom 10,2-3 NGÜ).

The Israelites Paul knew wanted to do justice to God with their own works (by keeping the laws).

"Because with Christ the goal is achieved, which is in the law: Everyone who believes in him is declared righteous. The road to justice is the same for Jews and Gentiles "(Rom 10,4 NGÜ). You can not achieve God's justice by improving yourself. God gives you justice.

We all lived under laws at times. When I was a boy, I lived under the laws of my mother. One of her rules was, after playing in the yard, taking off my shoes before I entered the apartment. I had to clean heavily soiled shoes with water on the porch.

Jesus cleanses the dirt

God is no different. He does not want the filth of our sins to be spread all over his house. The problem is, we have no way to clean ourselves and we can not come in until we are clean. God lets only those who are holy, sinless and pure into his dwelling. No one can achieve this purity by themselves.

That's why Jesus had to come out of his house to cleanse us. Only he could clean us up. If you are busy freeing yourself from your own filth, you can clean yourself until the last day, it will not be enough to enter the house. However, if you believe what Jesus says because he has already made you clean, you can enter God's house and sit at his table to eat.

The verses 5-15 in Romans 10 deal with the following fact: It is impossible to know God until sin is eliminated. The knowledge of God can not remove our sin.

To support this point in Romans 10,5-8, Paul quotes 5. Moses 30,11-12: "Do not speak in your heart: who wants to go up to heaven? - as if to bring Christ down from there ". It means that as humans we can seek and find God. The fact is, God comes to us and finds us.

The eternal Word of God has come to us as God and man, the Son of God, Jesus Christ of flesh and blood. We could not find him in heaven. He decided in his divine freedom to come down to us. Jesus saved us humans by washing away the filth of sin and opening the way for us to come into God's house.

This begs the question: Do you believe what God says? Do you think that Jesus found you and washed away your filth so you can now enter his house? If you do not believe that, you are outside of God's house and can not enter.

Paul speaks in Romans 10,9-13 NG: "So if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe with your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For one is declared righteous when one believes with the heart; one is saved if one confesses "the faith" with the mouth. Therefore it says in Scripture: "Everyone who trusts in him will be saved from perdition" (Jes 28,16). Whether one is a Jew or a Gentile does not make any difference: everyone has the same Lord, and he lets everyone share in his riches, who call him "in prayer." "He who calls the name of the LORD shall be saved" (Joel 3,5 LUT).

This is the reality: God redeemed his creation through Jesus Christ. He washed away our sins and made us clean through his sacrifice, without our help and request. If we believe in Jesus and confess that he is the Lord, we are already living in this reality.

Example of slavery

On the 1. January 1863 signed the emancipation proclamation to President Abraham Lincoln. This executive order said all slaves in all states in the uprising against the US government are now free. The news of this freedom reached the slaves of Galveston, Texas, only on 19. June 1865. For two and a half years, these slaves did not know about their freedom and did not experience reality until US Army soldiers told them.

Jesus is our Savior

Our confession does not save us, but Jesus is our Savior. We can not commit God to do something for us. Our good works can not make us sinless. It does not matter what kind of activity it is. Whether it's obeying a rule - how to keep a day holy or avoiding alcohol - or whether it's the activity to say, "I believe". Paul says unequivocally, "Once again, by the grace of God, you are saved because of faith. So you do not owe your salvation to yourself; no, it is God's gift "(Eph 2,8 NGÜ). Even faith is a gift of God!

God does not expect a confession

It helps to understand the difference between a contract and a confession. A contract is a legal agreement in which an exchange takes place. Each party is obliged to trade something for something else. If we have a contract with God, our commitment to Jesus will save us. But we can not commit God to act on our behalf. Grace is Christ, who decides in his divine freedom to come down to us.

In an open court, a person admits by confession that the facts exist. A criminal could say, "I admit to have stolen the goods. He accepted the reality in his life. Likewise, a follower of Jesus says, "I admit, I must be saved, or Jesus saved me.

Called to freedom

What slaves 1865 needed in Texas was not a contract to buy their freedom. They had to know and confess that they were already free. Their freedom was already established. President Lincoln was able to free her, and he released her by his order. God had the right to save us and he saved us through the life of his son. What the slaves needed in Texas was to hear of their freedom to believe that it was true and to live accordingly. Slaves need someone to come and tell them that they are free.

This is the message of Paul in Romans 10: 14 NGÜ: "Now it is like that: You can only call the Lord, if you believe in him. You can only believe in him if you have heard of him. You can only hear from him when there is someone who announces the message from him ".

Can you imagine what it was like for these slaves to hack cotton in the 40 degree heat of Texas this June and hear the good news of their freedom? They experienced the best day of their lives! In Romans 10,15, Paul quotes from Isaiah: "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news" (Jes 52,7).

What is our role?

What is our role in God's salvation plan? We are his messengers of joy and carry the good news of freedom to those who have heard nothing of their freedom. We can not save a single person. We are the messengers, the newsreaders of the good news and bring the good news: "Jesus has done everything, you are free"!

The Israelites Paul knew heard the good news. They did not believe the words that Paul brought them. Do you believe in the liberation from your slavery and live in the new freedom?

by Jonathan Stepp

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