He took care of her

401 he took care of herMost of us have been reading the Bible for a long time, often for many years. It feels good to read the familiar verses and wrap themselves in them as if they were a warm blanket. It may happen that our familiarity causes us to overlook things. When we read them with alert eyes and from a new angle, the Holy Ghost can help us recognize more and possibly also remember things we have forgotten.

When I read again in the Acts of the Apostles, I came to a passage in Chapter 13, verse 18, which many of us have certainly read without paying much heed to, "And for forty years he endured them in the wilderness." (Luther 1984). In the Luther Bible of 1912 it said: "he tolerated her way" or translated from an old version of King James into German is called "he suffered under their behavior".

In my memory, I had always read - and heard - that God had to endure the wailing and mourning Israelites as if they had been a great burden to him. But then I read the reference in 5. Moses 1,31: "So you have seen that the LORD your God has carried you, as a man carries his son, the whole way that you have traveled until you came to this place." In the new Bible translation, Luther 2017 states, "And for forty years he wore them in the wilderness" (Acts 13,18 :). The MacDonald commentary explains, "he was caring for their needs."

I got a light. Of course he had taken care of them - they had food, water and shoes that did not wear out. Although I knew that God did not starve her, I never realized how close and intimate he was to her life. It was so encouraging to read that God carried His people as a Father carries His Son. I can not remember ever reading that like this!

Sometimes we can feel that God is hard for us to bear or that he is sorry to accept our and our ongoing problems. Our prayers seem to be the same again and again, and our sins keep coming back. Even if we sometimes nag and behave like ungrateful Israelites, God always cares for us, no matter how much we moan; On the other hand, I'm sure he would prefer us to thank him instead of complaining.

Christians, both in full-time ministry and out of doors (though all Christians are somehow called to ministry), can become tired and burn out. You can start looking at his brothers and sisters as unbearable Israelites, which may lead them to reload their "annoying" problems and suffer them. To endure something means to tolerate a thing one does not like or accept something that is bad. But God does not see us like that!

We are all God's children and need respectful, compassionate and loving care. With God's love flowing through us, we can love our neighbors instead of just enduring them. If necessary, we will even be able to carry someone whose powers are no longer sufficient on the way. Let us remember that God not only cared for his people in the wilderness, but carried them on his loving arms. He carries us on and never stops loving and caring, even when we complain and forget to be grateful.

by Tammy Tkach

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