Start the day with God

I firmly believe that it is good to start the day with God. Some days I start saying "Good morning, God!" At others, I say, "Good God, it's tomorrow!" Yes, I know, it's a bit old-fashioned, but I can honestly say that sometimes I feel that way.

A year ago, the woman I shared the room with at a conference for writers was just wonderful. No matter what time we went to bed, she spent at least an hour of prayer or Bible study before she began her day. Four, five or six o'clock - that did not matter to her! I got to know this woman quite well and that is still her normal routine. She's very consistent in that - no matter where she is in the world right now, no matter how busy her schedule is that day. She is a really special person whom I admire very much. I almost felt guilty when I told her not to worry about the reading light when she got up because I can sleep in the light too.

Please do not get me wrong! I firmly believe that it is good to start your day with God. Time with God in the morning gives us the strength to master the day's tasks, helping us find peace in the midst of worry. It lets us focus on God and not on our irritating little things that make us bigger than they really are. It helps us to keep our minds in harmony and to speak kind words to others. Therefore, I strive for longer periods of prayer and Bible reading in the morning. I strive for it, but I am not always successful. Sometimes my mind is willing, but my flesh is weak. At least that's my biblical excuse (Mt 26,41). Maybe you too can identify with her.

Nevertheless, not everything is lost. There is no reason to think that our day is damned for that. Still, we can be steady and acknowledge God at least every morning when we wake up - even when we are still in our warm bed. It's amazing what a short "Thank you Lord for the good night's sleep!" Can do to us, as we become aware of the presence of God. If we did not sleep well, we may say something like, "I did not sleep well tonight, sir, so I need your help to keep the day well. I know that you created this day. Help me to enjoy him. "If we overslept, maybe we say something like," Oh. It's already late. Thank you, sir, for the extra sleep. Now please help me to get started and be focused on you! "We can invite God to enjoy a cup of coffee with us. We can talk to him when we drive to work in the car. We can let him know that we love him and thank him for his unconditional love for us. Suppose ... We do not start the day with God because He expects it or because He is dissatisfied with us if we do not. We start the day with God as a little gift to ourselves. This sets the inner attitude of the day and helps us focus on the spiritual, not just the physical. It should be our concern to live for God every day. It is questionable how this can happen if we do not start the day with him.

by Barbara Dahlgren

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