The better choice

559 chose the betterThere is the proverbial chicken walking around with head allegedly cut off. This term means when someone is so busy that he runs uncontrolled and headless through life and is completely distracted. We can relate this to our busy lives. The standard answer to "How are you?" Is, "Good, but I have to go right away!" Or "Well, but I do not have time!" Many of us seem to run from one task to the next, to the point where we can not find time to rest and relax.

Our constant burden, our own drive and the constant feeling of being alienated affect the good relationship with God and the relationship to our fellow human beings. The good news is that busyness is often a choice that you can choose yourself. The Gospel of Luke contains a wonderful story that illustrates this: "When Jesus moved on with his disciples, he came to a village where a woman named Martha invited him to their home. She had a sister, her name was Maria. Mary sat down at the Lord's feet and listened to him. Martha, on the other hand, did a great deal of work to take care of the well-being of her guests. Finally, she stood in front of Jesus and said: Lord, do you think it's right that my sister let me do all the work on my own? Tell her she should help me! - Martha, Martha, replied the Lord, you are worried and worried about so much, but only one thing is necessary. Maria has chosen the better, and that should not be taken from her »(Lk 10,38-42 GNÜ).

I like how Jesus gently diverted Martha, who was rushed, distracted and worried. We do not know if Martha made a rich meal or if it was a combination of food preparation and a lot of other things that bothered her. What we do know is that their busyness prevented them from spending time with Jesus.

When she complained to Jesus, he suggested that she reorient herself and remember him because he had something important to tell her. "I call you not servants; because the servant does not know what his master is doing. But I called you friends; for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you »(Joh 15,15).

Sometimes we should all focus anew. Like Martha, we can be too busy and distracted to do good things for Jesus, neglecting to enjoy and listen to his presence. The intimate relationship with Jesus should be our main priority. This was the point that Jesus sought when he said to her, "Mary has chosen the better." In other words, Mary has put the relationship with Jesus above her responsibilities and that relationship is what can not be taken away. There will always be tasks that need to be done. But how often do we emphasize the things we think we need to do instead of looking at the value of the people we do them for? God has created you for a close personal relationship with him and with all your fellow human beings. Maria seemed to understand that. I hope you do too.

from Greg Williams