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The miracle of rebirth

418 the miracle of rebirthWe were born to be born again. It is your as well as my destiny to experience the greatest possible change in life - a spiritual one. God has created us so that we can share in his divine nature. The New Testament speaks of this divine nature as a redeemer that washes away the filth of human sinfulness. And we all need this spiritual cleansing, since sin has taken purity from every man. We all resemble paintings to which the dirt of centuries clings. As a masterpiece is clouded by a multi-layered film of filth in its radiance, even the remnants of our sinfulness have the original intent of the almighty ...

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Only ONE way?

267 only one wayPeople sometimes object to Christian doctrine that salvation is to be had through Jesus Christ alone. In our pluralistic society, tolerance is expected and demanded, and the concept of religious freedom (which allows all religions) is sometimes misinterpreted in the sense that all religions are somehow equally true. All roads lead to the same God, some claim, as if they had all gone and returned from their destination. They do not show tolerance towards the little people who believe only in one way and, for example, reject evangelism as an insulting attempt to change other people's beliefs. But they themselves want the faith of ...

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God's grace - too good to be true?

255 God's grace too good to be trueIt sounds too good to be true so begins a familiar saying and you know it's unlikely. But when it comes to God's grace, it is true. Nevertheless, some people insist that grace can not be like that and resort to the law to avoid what they see as a license to sin. Their sincere but misguided efforts are a form of legalism that robs man of the transforming power of grace that springs from the love of God and flows into our hearts through the Holy Spirit (Rom 5,5).

The good news of the grace of God in Christ Jesus, the personified grace of God, came into the world and preached the gospel (Lk 20,1), that's the good news ...

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