In search of inner peace

494 looking for inner peaceI have to admit that sometimes I find it hard to find peace. I'm not talking about the "peace that reaches far beyond understanding" (Phil 4,7 NGÜ). When I think of such a peace, I imagine a child who calms God in the middle of the raging storm. I think of heavy trials in which the belief muscles are trained to the point where the endorphins of the "peace" use their effects. I think of crises that change our perspective and force us to re-evaluate and be grateful for the most important things in life. When such events happen, I know that I have no control over how they go out. Although they stir up the deepest, it's just better to let such things go to God.

I'm talking about the "everyday" peace that some may call peace of mind or inner peace. As the famous philosopher Anonymus once said, "It's not the mountains in front of you that are bothering you. It's the grain of sand in your shoe ". Here are some of my grains of sand: disturbing thoughts that overwhelm me, my worries, without having a reason for thinking the worst, rather than the best of others, making a mosquito an elephant; lose my orientation, I get upset because something does not suit me. I want to stun people who are reckless, tactless or annoying.

Inner peace is described as the rest of order (Augustinus: tranquillitas ordinis). If this is true, there can be no peace where there is no social order. Unfortunately, we often lack order in life. Usually life is chaotic, difficult and stressful. Some seek peace and emit water by drinking, taking drugs, accumulating money, buying things or eating. There are many areas of my life that I have no control over. However, by trying to use some of the following exercises in my life, I can gain some of the inner peace, even where I otherwise lack control.

  • I take care of my own affairs.
  • I forgive others and myself.
  • I forget the past and go on!
  • I'm not overwhelmed. I learn to say "No!".
  • I'm happy for others. Do not envy them.
  • I accept what can not be changed.
  • I am learning to be patient and / or tolerant.
  • I look at my blessings and am grateful.
  • I choose friends wisely and stay away from negative people.
  • I do not take everything personally.
  • I simplify my life. I eliminate clutter.
  • I'm learning to laugh.
  • I make my life slower. I find a quiet time.
  • I am doing something nice for someone else.
  • I think before I speak.

This is easier said than done. It will probably be that if I do not do the above under stress, then I have no one else to blame except myself. Often I'm upset with others when I'm the one who does Problem could have avoided and can lead to a good solution.

I consider: Ultimately, every peace comes from God - the peace that reaches far beyond understanding and the inner peace. Without a relationship with God we will never find true peace. God gives his peace to those who trust him (Joh14,27) and who rely on him (Isa 26,3), so they do not have to worry about anything (Phil 4,6). Until we are united with God, people are searching in vain for peace (Jer6,14).

I see, I should listen more to God's voice and be less upset - and stay far away from reckless, tactless or annoying people.

A thought at the end

Who puts you in trouble controls you. Do not let others steal your inner peace. Live in the peace of God.

by Barbara Dahlgren

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