Carefree in God

304 not worried in godToday's society, especially in the industrialized world, is under increasing pressure: the majority of people are constantly beset by something. People suffer from time constraints, pressure to perform (work, school, society), financial difficulties, general insecurity, terrorism, war, weather disasters, loneliness, hopelessness, etc., etc. Stress and depression have become everyday words, problems, diseases. Despite huge advances in many fields (technology, health, education, culture), man seems to be making more and more effort to lead a normal life.

A few days ago I was in line in front of a bank counter. In front of me was a father who had his toddler (maybe 4 years old) with him. The boy hopped carelessly back and forth, carefree and full of joy. Siblings, when was the last time we felt like this?

Maybe we just look at this child and say (a bit jealous): "Yes, he is so carefree, because he does not know what to expect in this life!" In this case, however, we have a fundamentally negative attitude towards life!

As Christians we should counteract the pressure of our society and look positively and confidently into the future. Unfortunately, Christians often experience their lives as negative, difficult, and spend their entire prayer life asking God to free them from a particular situation.

Let us return to our child in the bank. What is his relationship with his parents? The boy is full of confidence and confidence and therefore full of enthusiasm, joie de vivre and curiosity! Can we learn something from him? God sees us as His children and our relationship to Him should have the same naturalness that a child has over his parents.

"And when Jesus had summoned a child, he put it in their midst and said, 'Truly, I say unto you, unless you repent and become like children, you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven.' to degrade as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven "(Matthew 18,2-4).

God expects us to have a child who is completely committed to the parents. Children are usually not depressed, but full of joy, life spirit and confidence. It is our job to humble ourselves before God.

God expects each of us to have a child's attitude towards life. He does not want us to feel or break the pressure of our society, but expects us to approach our lives with confidence and steadfast trust in God:

"Rejoice in the Lord always! Again I want to say: Rejoice! Your mildness shall be known to all men; the Lord is near. [Phil 4,6] Do not be worried about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your concerns be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will save your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus "(Philippians 4,4-7).

Do these words really reflect our attitude towards life or not?

In an article on stress management, I read of a mother who longed for the dentist's chair to finally lie down and relax. I admit, this has already happened to me. Something goes completely wrong if we can only "relax" under the dentist's drill!

The question is, how well does each of us put Philipper 4,6 ("Do not worry about anything") into action? In the middle of this stressed world?

The control of our life belongs to God! We are his children and are subordinate to Him. We only come under pressure when we try to control our lives ourselves, to solve our own problems and tribulations ourselves. In other words, when we focus on the storm and lose sight of Jesus.

God will lead us to the limit until we realize how little control we have over our lives. At such moments, we have no choice but to simply throw ourselves into the grace of God. Pain and suffering drive us to God. These are the most difficult moments in a Christian's life. However, moments that want to be particularly appreciated and also bring about a deep spiritual joy:

"Hold it for joy, my brethren, when you come in many temptations, recognizing that the proof of your faith is perseverance, but perseverance is to have a perfect work, that you may be perfect and perfect, and have nothing in it." James 1,2-4).

Difficult times in a Christian's life are meant to produce spiritual fruit, to make him perfect. God does not promise us a life without problems. "The way is narrow" said Jesus. However, difficulties, trials and persecutions should not put a Christian in stress and depression. The apostle Paul wrote:

"In everything we are oppressed but not crushed; seeing no way out, but not pursuing without a way out, but not leaving; defeated but not destroyed "(2, Corinthians 4,8-9).

When God takes control of our lives, we are never abandoned, never dependent on ourselves! Jesus Christ should be an example to us in this regard. He has preceded us and gives us courage:

"I have spoken to you so that you may have peace in me. In the world you have affliction; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world "(John 16,33).

Jesus was oppressed on all sides, he experienced opposition, persecution, crucifixion. He rarely had a quiet moment and often had to escape the people. Jesus too was pushed to the limit.

"He offered in the days of his flesh both supplications and supplications, with strong shrieks and tears, to save him from death, and was heard for his fear of God, and, though he was a son, learned what he did suffered, obedience; and completed, he is the author of eternal salvation to all who obey him, welcomed by God as High Priest according to the order of Melchizedek "(Hebrews 5,7-10).

Jesus lived under great stress, never taking his life into his own hands and losing sight of the meaning and purpose of his life. He has always submitted to the will of God and accepted every situation the father allowed. In this regard, we read the following interesting statement from Jesus when he was really pressured:

"Now my soul is upset. And what should I say? Father, save me from this hour? But that's why I came to this hour "(John 12,27).

Do we also accept our current life situation (trial, illness, tribulation, etc.)? Sometimes God allows particularly unpleasant situations in our lives, even years of trials that are not our fault, and expects us to accept them. We find this principle in the following statement from Peter:

"For that is grace, when one endures suffering because of the conscience of God by suffering unjustly. For what glory is it when you persevere as such, who are sinned and beaten? But if you persevere, doing good and suffering, that is grace with God. For this you have been called; for Christ too has suffered for you and set an example for you to follow in his footsteps: he who has done no sin and with him no deception has been found in his mouth, which has been reviled and not reviled, suffering not threatening but to surrender to the one who justifies "(1, Peter 2,19-23).

Jesus subordinated himself to God's will until death, he suffered without guilt and served us through his suffering. Do we accept God's will in our lives? Even if it becomes unpleasant, if we suffer guiltless, are harassed from all sides and can not understand the meaning of our difficult situation? Jesus promised us divine peace and joy:

"Peace I leave you, I give you my peace; not like the world gives, I give you. Your heart will not be dismayed, do not be fearful "(John 14,27).

"This I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you and your joy become complete" (John 15,11).

We should learn to understand that suffering is positive and generates spiritual growth:

"Not only that, but we also rejoice in afflictions, knowing that the distress causes perseverance, endurance, but probation, and probation; but hope will not be shamed, for the love of God has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us "(Romans 5,3-5).

We live in distress and stress and have realized what God expects of us. Therefore, we endure this situation and produce spiritual fruit. God gives us peace and joy. How can we implement this in practice? Let's read the following wonderful statement from Jesus:

"Come to me, all you weary and loaded! And I will give you rest Take on my yoke, and learn from me! For I am meek and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. for my yoke is gentle, and my burden is light "(Matthew 11,28-30).

We should come to Jesus, then he will give us rest. This is an absolute promise! We should throw our burden on Him:

"Humble yourself now under the mighty hand of God so that he may increase you in due time [as?] By throwing all your care upon him! Because he is worried for you "(1 Petrus 5,6-7).

How exactly do we throw our worries to God? Here are some concrete points that will help us in this regard:

We should place and entrust our whole being to God.

The goal of our lives is to please God and to subordinate Him to our whole being. When we try to please all our fellow human beings, there is conflict and stress because this is simply not possible. We must not give our fellow man the power to put us in distress. Only God should determine our life. This brings peace, peace and joy into our lives.

God's kingdom must come first.

What drives our life? The recognition of others? The desire to earn a lot of money? To get rid of all our problems? These are all goals that lead to stress. God clearly states what should be our priority:

"Therefore I say to you: Do not be anxious for your life, what you should eat and what you should drink, nor for your body what you should wear! Is not life more than food, and body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the sky, that they neither sow nor reap, nor gather in barns, and your heavenly Father nourishes them. Are you not much more valuable than she? But who among you can put down a cubit with worries of his length? And why are you worried about clothes? Look at the lilies of the field as they grow: they do not struggle, nor do they spin. But I say to you that even Solomon was not clothed in all his glory, as was one of them. But if God clothes the grass of the field, which stands today and is put into the oven tomorrow, "he will not do that much to you," you little believers. So do not be worried by saying, what should we eat? Or: what should we drink? Or: what should we wear? For after all these nations seek; because your Heavenly Father knows that you need it all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness! And all this will be added to you so do not be worried about tomorrow! Because tomorrow will take care of itself. Every day has enough of its evil "(Matthew 6,25-34).

As long as we take care of God and His will first and foremost, He will cover all our other needs!
Is this a free pass for an irresponsible lifestyle? Of course not. The Bible teaches us to earn our bread and care for our families. But prioritizing this is already!

Our society is full of distractions. If we are not careful, we suddenly find no place for God in our lives. It takes concentration and prioritization, otherwise other things will suddenly determine our lives.

We are encouraged to spend time in prayer.

It is up to us to deposit our burdens on God in prayer. He calms us down in prayer, clarifies our thoughts and priorities, and brings us into a close relationship with him. Jesus gave us an important role model:

"And early in the morning, when it was still very dark, he got up and went out and went to a lonely place and prayed there. And Simon and those who were with him hurried after him; and they found him and said to him, "Everyone is looking for you" (Mark 1,35-37).

Jesus hid to find time for prayer! He was not distracted by many needs:

"But the talk about him spread all the more; and large crowds gathered to hear him and be cured of their diseases. But he withdrew and was in lonely places praying "(Luke 5,15-16).

Are we under pressure, has stress spread in our lives? Then we too should retreat and spend time with God in prayer! Sometimes we are just too busy to know God at all. That's why it's important to regularly withdraw and focus on God.

Do you remember Marta's example?

"It happened, however, when they went their way, that he came to a village; and a woman named Marta picked him up. And she had a sister, called Mary, who sat down at the feet of Jesus and listened to his word. Marta, however, was very busy with much service; but she came and said, Lord, do not you care that my sister has left me alone to serve? Tell her that she helps me!] But Jesus answered and said to her: Marta, Marta! You are worried and worried about many things; But one thing is necessary. Mary, however, has chosen the good part that will not be taken from her "(Luke 10,38-42).

Take time to rest and maintain a close relationship with God. Spend enough time in prayer, Bible study and meditation. Otherwise it will be difficult to dump our burdens on God. In order to put our burdens on God, it is important to stay away from them and to take a break. "Do not see the forest of trees ..."

When we still taught that God expects an absolute Sabbath rest from Christians as well, we had an advantage: from Friday evening to Saturday night, we were not available to anyone but God. Hopefully, at least we have understood and maintained the principle of rest in our lives. From time to time we just have to switch off and rest, especially in this stressed-out world. God does not dictate when this should be. Humans simply need rest periods. Jesus taught his disciples to rest:

"And the apostles gather together unto Jesus; and they told him everything they had done and what they had taught. And he said to them, Come, you alone, to a deserted place and rest a little! Because those who came and went were many, and they did not even have time to eat "(Mark 6, 30-31).

When all of a sudden there is no time to eat, it is certainly high time to switch off and take some rest.

So how do we throw our worries on God? Let us say:

• We subject our whole being to God and trust Him.
• God's kingdom comes first.
• We spend time in prayer.
• We take time to rest.

In other words, our life should be God-and Jesus-oriented. We are focused on Him and make room for Him in our lives.

He will then bless us with peace, peace and joy. His burden is easy, even if we are harassed from all sides. Jesus was oppressed but never crushed. Let us truly live in joy as God's children and trust Him to rest in Him and to throw all our burdens on Him.

Our society is under pressure, Christians too, sometimes even more, but God creates space, bears our burden and cares for us. Are we convinced? Do we live our lives with deep trust in God?

Let's conclude with David's description of our Heavenly Creator and Lord in the Psalm 23 (David too was often in danger and under pressure from all sides):

"The LORD is my shepherd, I will not lack. He encamps me in green meadows, he leads me to tranquil waters. He refreshes my soul. He guides me in paths of justice for the sake of his name. Even if I wander in the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no harm, for you are with me; your stick and your wand, they comfort me. You prepare a table before my enemies; you anointed my head with oil, my cup overflows. Only kindness and mercy will follow me every day of my life; and I return to the house of the LORD for life "(Psalm 23).

by Daniel Bösch

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