He loves me

487 he loves meIn recent years I have been able to make a wonderful, joyful discovery: "God loves me"! Maybe you do not feel that as an exciting discovery. But after years of being considered a strict judge for God who was just waiting to punish me when I made a mess, it's a new realization to me.

My relationship with God - if you could call it a relationship - started when I was a young girl. I remember reading the Bible and feeling some connection to this mysterious, supernatural being. I wanted to worship him in some way, but I did not know how.

My worship experiences did not quite satisfy me, although I liked to sing and also chorus for a while. Once I visited a leisure Bible school at the invitation of a friend. When the week was over, I went to the chapel with one of the teachers. He spoke to me about the need to accept Christ as my Savior. My inner attitude wanted to do it, but I lacked the firm conviction and I felt it more like lip service. I still did not know who God was or how to relate to Him. Later, I found God in a law-based church as a legislator and judge. If I did not obey all his laws, I knew that I was going to be in great trouble.

Then I heard a sermon that changed everything. The pastor said that God knew everything about women because he created us. How could he make us if he did not have those qualities and characteristics? Of course, this also applies to men. Since God made such a "masculine" impression on me, I assumed that he had made the men more the way he was and that the women were somehow different. That one statement - and it's the only thing I remember from the sermon - opened my eyes to see a creator who knows and understands me. More importantly, who loves me. He loves me on my bad days, on my good days and even if nobody else seems to love me. This love is unlike any other kind of love I've ever known. I know, my dad, when he was alive, loved me very much. My mom loves me, but she must now deal with the reality of being a widow. I know that my husband loves me, he is a human like me and was not designed by God to satisfy all my needs. I know that my children love me, but they grow up and then move away, and I will be one of those who will call them once a week and come for holidays.

Only God loves me with unconditional, inexhaustible, incomparable, limitless, overflowing, very intimate, more than wonderful, wasteful and effusive love! The love of God is amazing, it is big enough for the whole world (Joh 3,16) and it is also expressly true to me. It is a love in which I can be who I am. I can trust in this love and indulge myself in being changed. It's love that gives me life. It is the love for which Jesus died.

If you still see God the way I did, then you should think of one thing: "God really loves you!" This realization will shape you.

by Tammy Tkach

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