Hurry and wait!

389 hurry and waitSometimes, it seems, waiting is the hardest part for us. After we think we know what we need and think we're ready for it, most of us find the wait is almost unbearable. In our Western world, when we sit in the car and listen to music for five minutes at a fast food restaurant, we can become frustrated and impatient. Imagine how your great-grandmother would see it.

For Christians, moreover, the waiting is complicated by the fact that we trust in God, and often we struggle to understand why we believe the things that we deeply believe in, that we need them for and over and over again prayed and did everything possible, did not get.

King Saul became worried and worried as he waited for Samuel to come to sacrifice for the battle (1, Sam 13,8). The soldiers became restless, some left him, and in his frustration over the seemingly endless wait, he finally made the victim himself. Of course, that was when Samuel finally arrived. The incident led to the end of Saul's dynasty (V. 13-14).

One or the other time, most of us probably felt like Saul. We trust God, but we can not understand why he does not intervene or calm our stormy sea. We wait and wait, things seem to get worse and worse, and finally, waiting for what we can endure seems to be going out. I know that in the past I sometimes felt like this when selling our property in Pasadena.

But God is faithful and He promises to get us through everything we encounter in life. He proved that again and again. Sometimes he walks with us through suffering and sometimes - more rarely, it seems he puts an end to what seems to never end. Either way, our faith calls us to trust it - to trust that it will do what is right and good for us. Often, looking back, we can only see the strength we have gained through the long night of waiting, and begin to realize that the painful experience may have been a disguised blessing.

Nevertheless, it is not less wretched to endure as we go through it, and we feel with the psalmist who wrote, "My soul is very scared. Oh, Lord, how long! "(Ps 6,4). There's a reason why the old King James Bible translation translated the word "patience" into "long suffering"! Luke tells us about two disciples who were saddened on the way to Emmaus, because it seemed that their waiting was in vain and everything was lost because Jesus was dead (Lk 24,17). But at exactly the same time, the Risen Lord, in whom they had all set their hopes, went by their side and gave them encouragement - they just did not recognize it (v. 15-16). Sometimes the same thing happens to us.

Often we do not recognize the ways in which God is with us, looking for us, helping us, encouraging us - until later. Only when Jesus broke bread with them "their eyes were opened and they recognized Him, and He disappeared before them. And they said to one another, Did not our heart burn in us as he spoke to us on the way and opened the Scriptures to us? "(V. 31-32).

If we trust in Christ, we will not wait alone. He stays with us every dark night, giving us the strength to hold out and the light to see that all is not over. Jesus assures us that he will never leave us alone (Mt 28,20).

by Joseph Tkach

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